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different between torrents

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I am a regular torrent downloader !! When i choose a torrent to download i will choose the one with the most seed and peers , sometimes it turned out to be excelent , good speed i mean !! sometime even when there are hundreds of seeds or peers , the speed stays under 10kbps, why ?, normally i can get 50kbps !! i tried downloading "v for vandetta" which has hundreds of seed and peers , the speed wont go past 10kbps even when i wait for an hour , but after that i tried downloading "my name is earl S02E02" which also has hundreds of seed and peers , guess what ! i got 30 to 40 kbps !! in this case the torrent "v for vendetta" has more seed and peers than "my name is earl" , but both have above 100 seed and peers. why is this happening ?? anyone got any idea !!

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You might shrink that picture in your sig down to a reasonable size, eh?

THe overwhelming factor in transfer speed is the network dynamics between you and those you are connected to. You can make some little adjustments, and clean up your end as far as possible, but you are still and always subject to forces beyond your control for the major effects on your speed. Your client will choose among all its connections, for the best currently available to it. So will all the other swarm members.

So if yours looks slower or less reliable to them, they'll choose some other if they can. Each client is being as greedy as possible, subject to certain limitations. Your actual download speed from moment to moment is the aggregate of all the network connections, decisions made about them, business of other clients, noise, static, outages, acts of God and women's fashions.

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