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Bitcomet not working like used to

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Hello there people,

I need your help/advise on bitcomet.

I have recently moved and at our new apartment complex we get the option of chosing a 100 Mbps internet line, so called (optical internet) Pretty cool right, althoug know it won't benefit too much because the rest of the world is not yet transmitting at those rediculous speeds, but none the less I took it.

I have used bitcomet along side Emule , for quite some time with always great results in speed etc. I have leared that patience is a good virtue when using these programs , but this time I think I have a major problem.

All downloads are not or almost not running. Even highly available downloads, like lost , or other tv shows that a very current, fail to up in health in the client and are not moving at all. When bitcomet installs it opens up a firewall passage for TCP , UDP I know this. How can this port be changed with in bitcomet, so I can try out other ports.

Crazy enough, I am getting the same problem with emule , popular downloads, and the thing is on all day, but not even a slight percentage of download. What could be the problem?

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The big disadvantage to arrangements like yours is that they usually use a router to spread the connection throughout the complex, and the router almost always has a firewall which you can't control. That firewall will prevent anyone from making an unsolicited connection to you, which will result in much lower speeds. Unless you can get them to open your listen port on that firewall, there's not much you can do. Changing ports won't help unless you can find a port that they don't block. If you can find somebody knowledgeable, you can ask about all this and they may have an answer for you.

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