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Problemes with ErrorIQ Error

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OK... I have this probleme: then I try to download a torrent I always ALWAYS get this ErrorIQ Error end only after a few trys I finally manage to download it. I read about this red X (status-error.jpg) but nothing is simmillar : I have NTFS ( files isn't bigger than 4GB btw), torrnets havn't the same name and they arn't used by other programes. So where is the probleme? The thing is that I can't normally download torrents with any torrent client (and I tryed a lot). PLZ help my cos I starting to get mad on my pc :)

Thnx in advance.

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hmm. scandisk? you mean that option in local disk properties- error-checking? if so then I do not know how it works couse it just do something...and then I get the message that checking is complete. thats all no report no nothing. well I'm not good on pc so maibye you could help me a bit?

btw I realy don't have any permission problems.

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You're being told that BitComet can't write to the disk. It could be for several reasons, the most usual being that you don't have write permission to the default download directory. But anything that prevents writing to disk causes that red X. Make sure the disk isn't full. Make sure it hasn't failed.

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