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Download/Upload Rate Issues

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I've been using BitComet for about six months now, with no issues at all, my torrents generally ran at about 50kb/s with the better ones hitting the 100kb/s and above mark, but recently my BitComet seems to have died on me, I can't get any download speed at all most of the time, and when I do it's measured in bytes rather than kilobytes :( I've tried re-installing, my firewall is configured to let BitComet through and I've tried the guides on this forum but nothing is helping. So to show my predicament I found one of the busiest torrents (Oblivion) and attempted to download it, the result is shown in the screenshot below:


Any ideas what could be happening ?

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Your screenshot omitted most relevant information. You should include a view of the PEERS tab.

Among the most common reasons for this is a firewall rule that does not permit remote connections on the listen port. It often occurs when someone thinks the firewall is configured to allow it, but it is not. Version upgrades often do this, because the software firewall does not know it's an upgrade. It thinks this is an entirely new program that it has no instructions for, and so is to be blocked. Whenever this is suspected, delete the firewall rule in question completely, and create a new one.

If your listen port is not open, your speed will probably be much lower than otherwise. Make sure it's open by testing it at www.canyouseeme.org

When creating or checking firewall rules, be certain that you've opened the port for both TCP and UDP traffic. Choose "Both" or "Any" for the type of traffic if either is available; and if not then make a second rule for the other type.

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