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Downloading from Seeds and Peers


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I have a question about Seeds & Peers. I've download serveral torrents that have hight Seeds/Peers. Even right now i'm downloading a torrent that has 3500 Seeds and 1500 Peers. My question is, even with all those Seeds and Peers why is it that i can not connect to more than a hand full of them. Right now with that torrent i meantioned, i'm downloading from only 25 Seeds and 15 Peers. Is that considered normal? I feel that i should be downloading from more considereing how many people are downloading this file.

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Yes, that is entirely normal. Bittorrent clients maintain connections to far more peers than they're actually transferring to/from at any given moment. They are also constantly adding/dropping connections in an automatic search for the best connection. This is done automatically, based on information you don't have direct access to, so it does a much better job of managing its own connections than you can hope to do for it.

Most of the time, the vast majority of your downloaded pieces will come from other leechers, not from seeders, and you can't chage that. This is how bittorrent spreads the load so it's not all on the poor seeders. It will not allow you to monopolize a seeder.

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