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please explain what an iso and .bc is

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please can someone tell me what this means

im downloading a movie (i think) and its looks like this: Torrents\The Da Vinci Code.torrent

when i click preview it says the title . iso . bc

ive had trouble in the past wjhere i cant view a film or burn it. can i open it in nero and burn it when its finished or will i need another programme????



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Also ALCOHOL can burn dual layer ISOs as well and can mount them as virtual drives, and serve then via iSCSI to any other IP addresses on the internet - obviously being local with gig-e nics (now under $20) and gig-e switches (now under $10 / port) is best. iSCSI client driver stuff is freely downloadable from Microslush, and just works. It is the SCSI protocol over IP.

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