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92.1%, stopped on tho occasions.


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Alright I have a slow internet connection so being able to be at 92.1% on a movie download is a treat for me. I use TorrentSpy as my main torrent site and I am (or was) currently downloading Jackass Number 2 (Jackass-Number-2.rar) and it's a total of 687.39 MB but as I said before, I got to 92.1 and it quit. I tried going to Isospy and I found one exactly like that (same filename, same mb) and it appeared to have seeders so I tried it and it went exactly to 92.1% and stopped. Any help on this? I'm quite new and it's really frustrating, especially because I have to go back to school after tomorrow and I wanted to be able to watch something funny before I do.


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This happens quite often, particularly for the newest movies and material.

It's a real dog-in-the-manger thing to do, but these are so-called poisoned torrents, that will never complete because they aren't supposed to. They're supposed to waste your time and theoretically discourage you from the whole thing.

Most torrent sites have either a forum or individual comments on the torrent. Always read these, they will often steer you away from such crap. Try to find a torrent for that movie which somebody else has fully downloaded and has said something about it. It's also helpful to comment yourself if you find one of these, that the download doesn't complete and it may be poisoned.

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