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I need urgent help. My computer is connected to the internet through a LAN connection. My LAN connection is fine, but i cannot browse the net. when i try to download mail from outlook express it freezes. the funny thing is that when i restart my computer, i have internet connection for about two minutes. everybody else around me can connect to the net but not me.

Please help


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You need to ellaborate on your problem a little more.

What type of LAN is this? (residential, college, corporate)

What model router are you connecting to?

Do you connect to the router through a switch/hub?

Is it a wireless connection?

What ethernet card or wireless card are you using?

Is it only after using Outlook that the internet connection drops?

You say you can browse the LAN but not the WAN? is this always the case?

Have you set up the DNS server your PC uses or is it automatically assigned?

Please try to answer these questions and add anything else you think might help.

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