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Can't contact tracker and download any file

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I access interner through a proxy. I set proxy for BitComet. I still sufring web but BitComet can't contact tracker


Error: Tracker Response Error:not authorized, authentication failed - invalid uid or passcode in Tracker: http://tracker.empornium.us:6969/1274139/7...e0/announce.php

How can I do ?

Thank you very much !

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You've identified the wrong issue. You CAN contact the tracker just fine, so it's nothing to do with your proxy settings.

The tracker is telling you that you're not authorized to download this torrent. It is a private tracker and requires that you be a member of the site to connect to it. Sometimes, as probably happened here, someone posted a link to a torrent that contains a passkey to the site. When the site finds out about it, they disable that passkey (and usually boot the member out.)

If you see a torrent with an url like this one, it's often just a waste of time to try it. See if you can find a torrent from a public tracker with the same material; or try to join the source site.

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Thank for replying !

I still don't know whether this file need a password

At static panel:

Overall Infos: Torrents: 3 | Peers: 0 | Sockets: 0 (HTTP: 0)

TCP Connections: Established: 0 | Half-Open: 0 | Waiting: 0


Overall Download Rate: 0 KB/s Connection Limits: 30 - 60 per task

Overall Upload Rate: 0 KB/s Upload slots: 3 - 5

Don't my proxy allow me to go out ?

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empornium is private, you need an account there to be able to download their files

Im not sure I understand your last question, what kind of proxy do you use?

It appears that you are behind some router, have you portforwarded Bitcomet's port through that router?

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