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please help im dead stuck =[

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:blink: well the problem is

i cannot connect to limewire or bit commet...

erm im on a PC on windows XP and using a wireless network

the only problems i have identified are : firewalls... ive turned my firwall off and my other pcs firewall off .. its really bugging me

i also have a 512kb wireless modem

i havnt checkd the problem on the other pc but basicly the host pc is in a diff room and my mum uses it and i use this ne via lan... i have admin on both pcs so thats not an issue =[ erm i have no idea to be honest..

a long time ago we had a fauly wireless connection and i could still connect even tho my net went off every 5 mins but as soon as we insstalled the new one its been messing up ever since

i dont know if ive given enough info here about my problem so just ask if you need more

(i have no other anti virus or firewall software installed and neither has my mums pc)

so help would be nice please =]

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Turning off a firewall is a lot like taking your front door of the hinges because you had trouble with the lock. This is not a very smart way to deal with the problem. Connecting to the internet without a firewall leaves you extremely vulnerable, and you may never be aware that it happened. Your computer becomes a "zombie", serving spam and participating in DDOS attacks at someone else's command.

One university was testing this and found that they could not even finish installing Windows before the test computer was taken over.

So you need to approach the problem with intelligence, and not with a "me smash!" attitude.

In this case, your wireless connection very likely has a built-in firmware firewall, (possibly all that has saved you thus far), and you will need to open a port in that firewall for your BitComet listen port. Learn how to do that at portforward.com, but pay attention and don't skip steps because you don't understand them or don't find them convenient.

The limewire failure suggests that you still have a software firewall running, possibly one you don't know about. Many security suites include firewalls but don't make this clear enough.

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