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not connectable!

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hi everyone !

i got a serious problem with bitcomet 0,57.

on some torrents it says "connecting to peers"(when seeding) and thats it .

i had no problem downloading them .

on other torrents i got from the same tracker it works perfectly .

i dont use a firewall , and im not behind a router

my antivirus software is turned off!

but it doesnt help

if anyone has a suggestion what to do , id be thankful.

greetz erosennin

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Wow, no firewall and no antivirus :o

you like surfing on the edge ;)

You should update Bitcomet to v0.70

(uninstall the version you have and then install 0.70, dont worry you wont lose any files)

Also turn your antivirus back on and update it (then you probably should scan your PC)

and at least turn the windows firewall on

(Bitcomet automagically adds itself to the exceptions list, so no worries setting it up)

Also hopefully you have Spybot S&D or Adaware SE to scan for spyware and trojans

The torrents that are saying "connecting to peers" means you may not be needed as a seed atm

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hi bitdave!

first of all thank you very much!

i dont want to upgrade , cause the community i use to get torrents does not not allow bitcomet versions higher than 0.57.

i have antivirus normally turned on, i just shut it down to check whether it is the reason for my problem or not!(it isnt)

the problem is that there definately are leechers trying to connect.

is it possible , that the torrent itself is corrupted and it isnt my pc causing the problems?

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You really should check again. Most sites that have requirements like that BAN version 0.57, rather than insist on it.

And even if that's correct, understand that many other torrent sites will bar you because of that version.

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