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How do I open a new program once downloaded?

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I am new to this as it is my son who usually does all this for me when he is around..anyhooo,how do I open the program that I have downloaded from a torrent site? I tried and tried and I have no clue as to what the heck I am doing : :unsure: :lol: . If y'all have suggestions plz do HELP me if you can,oh and which is the best torrent site to download from???? Thank you B)

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There is no constraint on what sort of file can be contained in a torrent, so your question really has no definite answer. There are what, thousands? hundreds of thousands? of different file types, and hundreds of thousands of different applications needed to use them.

What kind of file did you download? If you don't know, then look at the extensions and tell us what those are. (For the file MyDocument.doc, "MyDocument" is the name, and ".doc" is the extension.)

There is also no one best torrent site. Some of them do specialize a little, so if you're looking for something in particular and there is a site specializing in that, then you should check it first. But there's no assurance that any site has a particular torrent, or that another does not.

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