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listan i was happyly downloading final fantasy 12 and battlefield :D

suddnly i resume bitcomet and they not connect if they are i only see NAT Traversal

no local or remote

how do i fix it?

and in the trackers i only see tracker return error code 503 and in dht it return only 14 peers

some1 plz help me

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The 503 error indicates that the tracker site has temporarily gone down. It's a "service unavailable" error from the web server, and most of the time indicates maintenance or some similar condition. Just stay with it and see if it fixes itself.

When the tracker's down, you can't obtain an updated peer list, and neither can anyone else. Your client doesn't have anybody it can initiate a connection with, and nobody else can initiate a connection with you, because neither of you knows the other exists. (That's what the tracker scrape does, it provides you and them with a list including each other's IP addrress and listen port.)

All you're left with is those you can find via DHT. But time should cure the situation, as they're hopefully working on the web server.

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