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I am on a wireless network, connecting to lynksys WAP54g wireless repeater and then on to a lynksys wrt54g router which is connected to my dsl modem. I have gone through many many guides on port forwarding, but I just can not seem to get it to work successfully.

My router is set to forward the port to my static ip, and i have made the proper exceptions in the windows firewall. It still doesnt work. I have triple checked all my settings, but the port just does not seem to be forwarded!!!!!

Please help me with this frustration issue!


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Figure out where you're being blocked. Connect your computer directly to the modem, reconfiguring your IP settings as necessary, and test again. If you're still blocked, you either have a software firewall doing the blocking, or an upstream firewall somewhere. If you're not being blocked, put the router in place and test again. Blocked now? You didn't forward the port properly and need to do it over. Finally, put the WAP in place. If it's now blocking you, which it sure shouldn't be, try it in bridge mode.

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