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Quick question about auto stop and shut down

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I'm new to BC and I'm still getting used to the new features and whatnot. I usually leave torrents running overnight but I'd rather not leave my computer on all night if it's not downloading anything. My question is, if I have auto stop enabled when the share ratio is at 100% and enable automatic shutdown when all tasks are stopped, does that mean my computer will shut down when the download is complete? If not, is there any way I can do this? Please note that I'm not trying to leech, I do upload and seed torrents whenever possible but my computer has issues with being left on for long periods of time.

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In theory your computer is supposed to shut down when all tasks compleat. And yes setting a 1:1 ratio is fine. But you might want to get used to the idea of leaving your computer on for long periods of time (unless its a laptop).

I've left my computer running for over a month with no reboots and usually leave it running for week or 2 easily without a reboot. I'm running XP Pro Media Center Edition.

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