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Slow Download Rates

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Hello! I've been using BitComet for quite some time now but recently, my download rate has been very slow.

Now, each torrent gets only about a 6KB/s download rate, with the max being only 12KB/s. I usually only download two torrents at the same time. My upload speed is usually around 15 to 25 5KB/s. Right now I'm downloading a 173 MB file that has 25 seeders but the download speed is only 5 KB/s.

I'm using Motorola SB5100 SURFboard Cable Modem and a SMCWBR 14-GM router. I have Norton AntiVirus on as well as the Windows firewall. I have called up my ISP but after doing some tests on their website, my d/l speed was found to be supposedly ok. The router I'm using is also a new one.

I also tried the port forwarding thing recommended here but there seems to be no difference! :( I really hope someone will be able to help! Thanks!

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The main thing that will slow you down is inability of other peers to establish remote connections to you. Look at the peers you've got. If none of them say they're REMOTE (all either LOCAL or NAT), then they can't connect to you.

The reason they can't connect is because you've set NO LISTEN PORT in your preferences, or your listen port is being blocked by one or more firewalls. The point of port-forwarding is to set a router so it doesn't block the listen port.

You can check to see if your listen port is open, at www.canyouseeme.org, where any answer except "yes" is a "no". If it's no, then you must figure out what's blocking your listen port and change that.

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Heya! Thanks for the reply!

My "No Listening Port" has always been unchecked. I also checked my peers and most of them are remote.

I also checked my listen port at that site and got this: "Success: I can see your service on...on port (9536)

Your ISP is not blocking port 9536" So does that mean nothing is blocking the port?

Haha sorry I'm quite a tech idiot!!

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Besides opening your port

the other thing which most affects download speeds is your upload cap

read through our settings guide to figure yours out

sometimes you need to go lower than 80% (dont go below 50%)

Also it could be that your ISP is throttling you.

A way to test this is to start a popular torrent

give it a few minutes to get going and note the overall download speed

then start another fairly popular torrent

give it a minute to get going

If the overall speed that you had earlier with the single torrent is now being split between the two, then this indicates that you might be throttled by your ISP.

If you think this is the case, then please post who your ISP is?

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