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Bitcomet can't connect to torrent at all..


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Hey, I've been using Bitcomet for months now with no problems at my house, but I'm at my Dads at the moment, and I've just installed Bitcomet. However, when I try to connect to the LOST season 3 episode 4 torrent (which has well over 50K seeders) it just sits there and blankly stares me in the face. No peers or seeders are connecting, nothings happening..

I would really appreciate some help.

I have a 2MB connection, connecting through a D-Link DSL-G604T router, I have opened the ports for Bitcomet through my Norton Firewall and went on portforwarding.com and forwarded the ports nescessary. I have gone onto the preferances of Bitcomet and de-selected UPnP... so any help?


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When you have this situation, look at your trackers tab, to see whether you are successfully connecting to the tracker, or are getting error messages. If this looks ok, check the seeds/peers being reported, and see if you have any at all, connected or not.

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I have tried multiple torrents (about 10) and all have the same problem. There aren't any peers or seeders connecting at all

There is nothing in the KB/s Dn or the KB/s Up column, not even a 0KB/s

under the peers column on the left it is just blank. There are no IP's at all.

I am also using Bitcomet on my Laptop through the same connection (wireless)

It is connecting to peers but not downloading anything. More help is appreciated.


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For that Lost torrent since it's sooo popular it could be that the tracker is down and that's why you're getting the 10061 error. Generally you can just leave it going and eventually the tracker will connect or you should look for another tracker.

But if every torrent you download (make sure they use different trackers) is giving this error then this indicates a problem with your firewall/connection.

While Bitcomet is open goto canyouseeme.org and test your port. What are the results?

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