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There isnt too much you can do with Rogers, they are really stingy with Bittorrent

All you can try is to set Bitcomet's encryption to always on, use a proxy for tracker connections if they wont even let you connect to trackers, and seriously reduce the number of connections that Bitcomet makes so it isnt so obvious that you're using p2p.

Hopefully you're not under contract and can switch to another ISP.

Call Rogers and complain saying that you can't play the online game Gunz because bittorrent is the only way you can get the updates for that game. Ask them why they are blocking you from being able to play Gunz. Ask them why you are paying them if you cant even play your online games. If you're under contract tell them your gonna switch as soon as it's up and also tell them that you're warning everyone not to get them.

Anyone care to say whether they got BT working with Rogers?

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