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lost all torrent file when it close


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i am now using 0.70

how can i save my torrent file in the bitcomet when i close it..

i find that everytime i close the bitcomet, i lost all the torrent file which havent finished.

i need to search all the torrent file back to download everytime..it is so trouble

what can i do..thank you

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This is a combination of things.

First, in your preferences, there's an option to resume tasks automatically, so turn that on.

Second, when you go to the web site and choose a torrent, you have the option to either open it directly in BitComet, or to save it to disk. It's better to save it to disk in case you have this very sort of problem. When asked where to save it, choose BitComet's default torrent directory (also determined by your preferences). Then you can use BitComet's OPEN button to open the torrent.

Third, make sure that BC can save the information about its downloads. There is a file in the BitComet program directory (nominally C:\Program Files\BitComet) called "downloads.xml". You need to make sure that this file is not set to "read-only", and that you have full permissions to read, write, execute and delete files in that directory

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