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Can't Connect Tracker (10051)?

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Hey all,

Until about a week ago, BitComet was working perfectly fine for me. However, recently, I've been unable to download any files -- the two errors that keep on coming up are Can't Connect Tracker (10051) and Can't Connect Tracker (10060).

Last night I left my comptuer on to see if the problem would fix itself, but when I checked BitComet again this morning (approx. 11 hours later), the torrent still had the double blue arrows next to it, and still hadn't started.

Any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated.

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You can look on google for "Can't Connect Tracker 10051" or "Can't Connect Tracker 10060" for answers

you would need to provide us more info about your connection in order for us to help you

who is your ISP, what modem and/or router do you have, what antivirus/firewall software are you using?

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I've googled both several times -- all the results that come up have yet to help...I'm using Norton Antivirus/Window XP's built-in firewall and I'm using my college's internet. Not entirely sure what their ISP is?

The thing is, I just spontaneously started being unable to connect to any trackers -- all my connection settings are the same as last week's.

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Do bear in mind that if they have started blocking it, there is usually also a policy forbidding it too. If you try to evade such a policy, it can have undesirable consequences, like being banned from the net, or expelled.

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