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Adding New Trackers


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Hi guys, I have some trouble.

I am downloading something but the previous tracker doesn't have any more seeds, however there is a new torrent with seeds and the same files but the infohash is different because they added an additional .txt.

Can I add that current tracker to my current torrent? Will it work, my friends say it can but how would it hashcheck if I got the right files?


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How do you tell one torrent from another? You probably do it the way that's easiest for you, which is by its name, because you can understand the meaning of the name. Computers can't. They tell one torrent from another by its hash.

That means that a different hash means a different torrent, pretty much period, as far as the tracker and the client are concerned.

If you were to add the url of another tracker to torrent A, then the new tracker would try to find torrent A by its hash, and if it's got that torrent, proceed. More likely it won't have that torrent, so it will tell you "unregistered torrent".

If you added the tracker because it's the tracker for torrent B, it won't matter and won't work. On the client end, you can only add a tracker to a torrent, not vice-versa, so the tracker will be trying to track torrent A, not B.

Or in other words, no, it won't work.

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