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how do i continue a file that got taken out of bitcomet


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i need help i had 2 reformat my computer but i saved all my downloads in another drive and i didnt reformat that drive but my bitcomet was in the drive that i downloaded i now reinstalled bitcomet and i want 2 continue my download how do i do it? i cant resume since the button to resume isnt there so how do i get it there my files that wasnt finished is still in my computer

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You will first need to get copies of the exact torrent files you were downloading before. In future, remember that you need to save the .torrents as well as the partial downloads.

You will need to point your default download location (in preferences) to the new location for the partial downloads. (You COULD just move them to the existing default location, but it's better not to store data in the Program Files tree, so the smart thing to do is point the default download location to the other drive.)

Now add the .torrent files to BitComet, but don't start them yet. Do manual hash-checks on them, which should take a while, but then report the same % downloaded as you had before, so you can resume the download. If the hash check says you have 0% downloaded, you've probably pointed the download directory to the wrong place. Experiment with it until you get it right and the % downloaded matches what you had before.

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