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Big Red "X" on the left of the file name!!!


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I wonder why when i download some file, it always have a red "X" on the very left, next to the file name. And this would not let me download the file, or it is downloading but the % is going up really slow. So please help me with this! And another problem is that, sometime if the "X" come up, the bitcomet will close up itself and ask me if i would send a crash report. I send it before but i really doesn't do anything! By the way, the version that i use is the Bitcomet 0.75.

Please help me with this!!!


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Ive come across the red X on two occasions, 1 when I have run out of space as above, and 2 when I have had one of the downloading files open in another application which caused a sharing violation.

If you highlight the torrent with the X next to it, then in the lower view, select the files view, then look down the right hand side in the operations method column where it normally says read & write, you should see a different message against one of the files which will give you a clue as to the problem

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