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bitcomet 0.71 --> 0.76 error


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Windows XP SP2 (updated with all updates except IE7 & media player 11)

Intel i865G MB, 1G DDR ram, P4 2.4G (533Mhz FSB)

I installed Bitcomet 0.76 and try to use it for the first time. Nothing shows up. I can only see it in task manager. It takes up 99% to 100% of CPU. HDD light does not flash. After some time, a window pops up and said bitcomet crashes and ask me to write down what happened. I have to reinstall 0.70 to make bitcomet work.

(the same happened in 0.71 to 0.76, 0.70 works fine)

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0.76 is not considered a stable version yet. So just do like you did and stick with 0.70 for now. BC is undergoing a massive overhaul at the moment so please be patient.


I just tried Bitcomet 0.77 today. There is no crash but still no GUI shows up, it just run in the background with high CPU uasge. I am still waiting for a new stable release (patiently).

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