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Download Folder being relocated to Temporary Internet Files

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when I download some stuff (batch torrents usually), they sometimes don't save to the default folders and somehow get into the temporary internet files(TIF).

I have encountered it before but easily overcame it with the 'browse download directory' selection in the torrent window.

now my problem may not be directly related to BC...but...I removed the task before I had a chance to check the download directory...now I can't access the folder because it's in one of those TIF folders which can't be accessed by explorer. I mean those folders named AFOANI315 or something.

and there's no expand folder selection for TIF either...so now, i have lost some disk space and can't access the files I downloaded for a week :(

any idea how to get the files outta there?

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Hi elitehunter.

The only thing i can recommend for you to do is to start downloading another torrent (something you dont really need or want because its only to let you in to TIF and you can delete it as soon as you recover your missing files)

go to Torrentspy or wot ever website you use pick a torrent and click on download.

When this window comes up (it was the best pici could find of it) ...............


the download location is highlighted blue. Click the down arrow beside it just to the right and you can chose your download location. Dont choose your default location but choose the temp internet location and click ok and start downloading.

Once it starts downloading go to the screen which shows the download progress and do your usual thing , browse download directory etc.

this will let you into those temp internet files. (the files you downloaded a week or so before will be some where in those folders with the stupid names d350479gklfh490 and when you locate them simply cut and paste those files your needing to your desktop or wherever.

Remember when you download future torrents to make sure that in the above pic i showed you that the highlighted directory is your own and not the temp folders.

let me know how you get on


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Choose while downloading a torrent for:

"open with" or "save"

If you choose "save", you can direct the directory where you want the torrent to be. "open with" will direct the torrent to a "temp" directory.

If you want to get rid of some temporary files (including your torrents) try:

system tools > disk clean up (XP)


just delete all files and sub-directories in "temp" directories. If it stops while deleting, choose for one by one deletion. Some files in a temp directory are currently used.


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Wait are you saying that your actual files (not the torrent files) are being downloaded into the temp internet folders.

If this is the case and you want to find your downloads

you should open up My Computer

then in the Tools menu at the top, open up Folder options...

Now goto the view tab

under hidden files and folders choose to Show them

Also uncheck Hide protected operating system files

Now hit OK and you will be able to get to the temporary internet folders

they are located at

C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files

Please dont delete things unless you absolutely know what they are.

you can really mess up windows if you do, and dont blame me if you do. ;)

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