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Hi There

Did a quick search and didnt find the answer so sorry if this has been already asked

I am downloading some files on BitComet but noticed that I have uploaded a significant amount of data. I am concerned that I may be uploading information unintentionally.

How can I monitor what is being taken from my computer and how can I disable it? (What the heck is being uploaded???)

I am concerned obviously because of security issues. Am I protected from unauthorized access to my files? I did not start any torrent sessions. I am just downloading from others at the moment.

Any help appreciated! Thanks!


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Ok, let me make this simple. It's called "File Shareing" for a reason. When you're downloading you're also going to upload what you downloaded to other people. And yes you have to upload. If you don't want to upload then use HTTP/FTP, New groups, or IRC. You should always upload to a 1:1 ratio or more meaning you give back at least as much as you've taken.

No there is no magical way for people to access your computer. Just run a firewall. The XP SP2 firewall will do the job quite well, just add the programs to the exceptions list and you're ready to go.

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