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what does bitcomet connect to?


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Lots of assumptions in there. First, no, there's no spyware.

When you "have no tasks", a lot depends on your setup and on how you got to that state. If you've enabled the DHT network, it continues to be active even without any torrents in progress. Joining the network means you become a node in a distributed database and will keep getting activity for that. This is a very small chunk of bandwidth, though, and won't noticeably effect anything else. Second, when you stop a torrent, you don't thereby stop all network activity associated with it. The rest of the swarm doesn't know you've stopped, nor how long that will continue. Other members will keep trying to contact you, until you drop off the tracker list, and all of the swarm members have re-scraped, gotten the new list, and find that you aren't on it anymore. So network activity will continue for 20 minutes or more afterwards. It will all be futile, but it will continue.

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