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Not enough memory?


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I have downloaded Championship Manager 01-02 for PC. When I try to start a new game, the game says I don't have enough system memory. But I have 1 Gb Ram and the minimum system requirements are 16 Mb Ram. The game should work fine but it doesn't. Why is that? Could somebody please help me? :(

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The minimum system requirements for the game:

Win 95/98

Pentium 133 (recommended:233Mhz)

16MB RAM (recommended:64 MB RAM)

4 x speed CD ROM

DirectX 7 (included)

My computer meets the system requirements so the game should work fine. But when I try to start a new game, this message appears:

There is not enough available system memory to create the game. Please free up some more and try again.

As i said, I have 1Gb of RAM. :mellow:

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Try running the game on a different PC. Maybe its a problem with the game.

Do you have the factory drivers installed for your graphics card or are you using third-party drivers?

I'll install the game on my other computer and see if it works. I really don't know about the drivers for the graphics card because my computer is home made.

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