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Bitcomet Ver0.7 with Kerio Ver 4.3.268


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Hi everyone,

I have a problem with Kerio.

Is it necessary to set a rules for kerio that only bitcomet can incoming and outgoing connection using my listen port? Without the rule (which mean just like install kerio software and that's it. No advanced setting), all the initiation is all local not remote in bitcomet.

However, If I set the rule for it. Sometime, my pc will have a virus called Trojan horse Generic2.IGP.

I have read through threads which is related to kerio, but I don't get any solution.

Does anyone have meet this problem b4?

Thanks. :D

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In general terms, firewalls allow applications to talk to the outer world. This is different from listening to the outer world, which is not generally done per application, but per port number, and it's up to you to make sure some app is listening at that port.

Talk -> Firewall allows an application through

Listen -> Firewall opens a port number. No mention of applications.

For your bittorrent listen port, you need to be doing the latter.

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