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what does it all mean

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when u open bitcomet over on left side of screen there are headings summery, trackers, files, peers etc etc.when u highlight the peers tab u get oposite it colums with IP, %, kb/s Dn, KB/s up, downloaded, Uploaded, initiation, KB/s peer Dn, client type, error and status...

Can any1 explain exactly what ALL these colums and headings mean pls

Tnx very much

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Um, no. BitComet is free. Like many free programs, there is no hand-holding sort of documentation as you might get with a program that you pay for. Nor is anyone paid to explain things to anyone else. This means you'll have to use your intelligence, and your internet search skills, to figure out what they mean. Since they are often discussed in passing in the various forums, that shouldn't be too difficult.

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