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At the end of my tether!

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Now, i was looking for a new programme to download whole albums and things, ans my friend suggested bitcomet.

He said i download bitcomet then go on another website, get a file off there... he suggested and away i go!

So i did that, i downloaded a couple albums. Then when i went to "open" and chose the file to open, it says

"cannot read torrent! try downloading torrent!"

What's up with that? Am i completly missing the picture or something?

I had a look around on here for ages to see if anyone else is as noobish as me, and i ended up downloaded this codec thing? (not even sure if that was the name, haven't a clue what it is!) But that didn't do anything either.

Is it just a dodgy file that i downloaded? Why can't it be simple!!!!!

Help please.... even if it's just a push in the right direction, i am actually quite fluent with computers, this has just got me in a right muddle!!!


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A .torrent file is a set of directions telling a bittorrent client how to obtain the contents. Download the .torrent file, and open it in your client, in this case BitComet -- after you've installed and configured BitComet. BitComet will download the torrent contents, whatever they are, which usually takes considerable time. Once that's complete, you can deal with those contents as you normally would -- depends on what the contents are.

Does that help?

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