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Each time I try to download a torrent after a couple seconds it says that

an error has occured and it needs to close. This has been happening for two days.

Sometimes it works, but most times it doesnt. It closed over 33 times. :(

Can somebody please help me. I think I am going crazy. :blink: :blink:


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Ppl in the last 4 days it has closed over 200 hundred times. If I didnt want the files so much and If I

hadnt downloaded so much of it already I would say screw it but alas I need it. :huh: <_< :(

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Ok here are some questions to get more information than "my download restarts" from you.

  1. What version of BitComet are you using? You should be using the current (0.68) or 0.64.
  2. What version of Windows and service pack are you running?
  3. What Anti-virus do you have?
  4. What Firewall do you use?
  5. Do you have a router?
    If you answered yes to the above question see the list below:
    • What is the routers brand & model?
    • Does if have the latest firmware from the manufacture?
    • Does it have NAT and/or a Firewall?
    • Have you checked www.portforward.com to check out to correctly configure your router?

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