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I'm at a university with a very strict firewall regarding students internet access. So strict, they ban all downloads of torrents, and the firewall prevents any torrents that actually MAKE it to the p2p program to not be able to connect to download the files.

Is there a way to bypass this firewall? I've been able to get around it in my internet browsing thanks to Tor and Vidalia, but is there a way to apply this anonymizer to BitComet as well? Thanks!

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If the IP address assigned to you is traceable back to you, then you had better not do something against your schools network policy, otherwise you could be expelled. So, if you're in a dorm connected to the wall or if you have to login to get online with something that is unique to you then you can also be traced.

If there is no way they can trace your traffic to you as a student, then you might be able to get away with it, but I suggest doing it sparingly, if at all.

First to get torrents you need to download them as .txt files, then remove the .txt extension

Some torrent tracking sites, like torrentspy, allow you to download as .txt files.

If you can't get to torrentspy.com, then use Tor to get there.

Then you have use an HTTP proxy server, or Tor, to make connections to trackers

In Bitcomet's preferences you can set up proxy options

Then in Bitcomet set encryption to Always, this way all peer traffic is encrypted.

Do not use a proxy server or Tor for peer traffic

For more advanced info on using Tor with BT see Here

Since you cant open up ports on your schools routers, be sure that you have NAT traversal enabled in Bitcomet.

Doing all this will not guarantee that it will work, but it should. Further, Bitcomet and its staff is not responsible if you get expelled. Are you willing to take the risk? Instead of wasting time downloading s***, spend more time studying and doing your homework. ;)

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