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how to publish my torrent file?


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When you create the torrent, it asks for a tracker url. That will be for the tracker that you want to use when distributing the torrent. You get that from the tracker's associated web site, where you will need upload privileges.

Add the url during the torrent creation process. Once it has completed, you must upload the torrent to the associated web site. When the upload is accepted and processed, which may take some time, then your torrent will be displayed along with all of the other torrents that this site tracks. People searching the site will find it, download the torrent, and begin to download the contents, so you should start seeding as soon as you have completed uploading the torrent to the tracker. You will not see any activity at first, because it takes time for people to notice your new torrent, download it, and start it running in their clients. It usually doesn't take very long before you start seeing peers appearing and downloading.

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On this site in Guides and how to's, I've posted a link to megaupload.com where you can download a video tutorial on how to upload a torrent to demonoid.com using Bitcomet,the same procedure applies to most sites.I didn't make the video,I only posted it because it helped me and others when first starting out. :D

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