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Win2k3 server install with bitcomet & internet keep disconnecting

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I need helped as i am using a netgear D834 wireless router. I had disabled DHT, install the tcpip.sys patch, changed my connections from 10 to 50. The NAT Traversal via UDP, I set to Disable.

And even set the download and upload limit to 50kbps,15kbps

Unchecked, i don't use windows firewall and I dont connect through another computer.

i have the UPnP service disabled on both my computers and my router.

I manually forwarded the port in my router as i configure port forward in my router for bitcomet following portwarding.com webpage.

When I off my bitcomet 6.8, the internet work fine. There is no lost of connection, when i start to on bitcomet, i experience internet disconnecting. I even upgrade the router to the latest firmware.

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I am having the same problem, however I was thinking it may be a problem with my ISP as I have gotten what I think is throttled. I think all the incoming udp connections are flooding my router an that is why I am getting disconnected from my isp's WAN. Post a routers log for when you get disconnected. BTW I am using win2k3 server enterprise edition

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I am using Windows 2003 Server Entreprise. I also had incoming ICMP flooding.. I did a port forwarding, it still happened. I need your and advised. I remember using 5.8 or or 5.9 enabled IP LAN filter, there isnt any issue until later I upgrade to 6.8

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Ok, first its 0.68, BC isn't even at version 1 yet. What you're seeing is the DHT connections. They use UDP for their connections because it’s better than TCP/IP for this function. You can try turning the DHT network off in preferences. Don't run an IP Filter list through BC, it makes the program do a lot of extra work that it isn't ment to do. That makes BC use up a lot of extra resources, plus you have to manually install a list and keep it updated your self. Just use Peer Guardian 2 instead with their p2p, ads, & spyware lists. Peer Guardian barely uses any resources, it protects your whole computer, its free, and it auto updates. :)

Also make sure your router and network card have the latest firmware & drivers from the manufacturer's site.

The last thing to do is look your router(s) up here for instructions on how to set them up for various uses. www.portforward.com

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