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0.77 crash during heavy download


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so i have the latest bitcomet 0.77.

The OS is Windows Enterprise Server 2003 with all updates.

The problem:

- i start 3-4 torrents ( movies ), everyone of them are 1,37GB ( 2 * avi ).

- After 2-3 seconds i reach my maximum download speed of 4000 KBytes

- Then, after a while, all of the torrents are nearly complete, ~30% - ~70%, bitcomet just crashes AND forgets what he downloaded when i start it again. It remembers the torrent files, but all the data is gone.

When i reproduced this bug several times, i saw (in the proccess manager) that Bitcomet uses LARGE amounts of my virtual memory, let say more than 2 GigaBytes....

I don't know where is the problem exactly, but it seems to me, that Bitcomet doesn't write anything on the disk...

When i run only one torrent, all is ok.

Thanks to help me!

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I experience the same problem. I found that BitComet 0.77 eats all available paging file space on system disk, then crashes. I have tried to limit the download speed, but with no result. Here is the system info about my pc during the BitComet run:


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