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Can't connect to/detect seeds


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My router has recently been bungling nearly all of my downloads (the issue of transfers freezing at 99.X%), however, over the past few days, I've been getting an even stranger error:


The client appears to be unable to detect any seeds and my own seeding ability appears to be hampered as well. Connecting to peers seems to be fine as since i've uploaded the screenshot, my download rate from peers has climbed to about 150kBps (slower than usual for a very popular torrent -no seeds) but my upload rate stagnates around 4kBps and I can still neiter see nor download from any seeds.

Would this problem be kind of a worsening of the 99.X% issue? I'm using a DI-624+ - an "incompatible" router and it's been giving me the standard problems (connections dropping off frequently etc.) since I'd bought it but this issue makes it an impossible/painstakingly slow process when it comes to less popular torrents and I'm seriously considering getting a better router soon. (That is, of course, if this problem appears to be a router issue.) What do you guys think? Any input would be great.


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There's nothing in this screenshot to indicate a router problem.

You've got hold of a torrent with no seeds. That does happen quite often.

It may be that the original uploader is using "super-seeding", a misnamed method which most people should never use, and which BitComet doesn't support (and in my opinion, shouldn't because of misuse like this). If that's the case, the seeder doesn't appear as a seeder, and if on a slow connection, progress after a certain point will be quite slow. To check for this, leave the torrent running for a considerable time, but note the progress on the peers tab. If almost all of them are at the same percentage of completion, and that percentage is slowly increasing uniformly, then you've got a super-seeder working. Give it time and it will gradually complete, or come back to it later when more people have downloaded more of the torrent.

If it goes on for an hour or two without any increase in % for anybody, you've just got an unseeded torrent. Check with the originating site to see if there's any more insight in the forums or comments for that torrent.

As for the router issue otherwise, you should be using the latest stable version of BitComet, which is currently v0.70. Later versions are still in alpha or beta stage, and are more or less experimental. Most people should not upgrade until another stable release is announced. For the 99x% torrent, try stopping it, doing a manual hash check, and restarting it to see if it picks up.

Check the router to make sure it's not in "gaming" mode, if it even has that mode, because this will cause the problem as well.

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No, it isn't. When your client contacts the tracker, it receives a metafile that lists all of the swarm members. If there were a problem with the metafile, your client would complain, and all of the swarm results would be absent - no seeds, no peers, no valid scrape at all. The router doesn't figure into that.

In the absence of a scrape error, it's telling you there are no seeds.

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