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need help on how to seed

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Please provide a little more information on exactly what you did.

THANKS FOR THE REPLY.....well i uploaded my file to mininova.org......its under categories-tv shows-wwe-..file name wwe royal rumble 200 torrent rob183...............my brother cant download it because it says 0-peers 0 seeds................what can i do to start seeding it? thanks!!!!!!

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Hmm, let's be careful with our pronouns here. Which "it" were you referring to?

The number of peers present has no effect on the ability to download the torrent file from the torrent site. The numbers are also always inaccurate, they reflect the state of things at some point in the past and often long past.

Once you have posted the torrent to Mininova (or wherever), you need to load it into your bittorrent client, assure that the "download" destination is pointing to wherever you have the torrent contents on your disk, and that the % completed is showing as 100%. Then you need to start the task. It should show that it is uploading, or trying to, but at first there will be no activity until people find the torrent on Mininova, download it, and start leeching the contents. Then you'll finally start seeing some activity on it.

It's important to start seeding (load the task) as soon as you finish uploading the torrent file, because many people will check out the torrent, find that there are no seeders, and just delete it.

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