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Blue Screen of Death


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Every few times I start up Bit Comet Version .63 to .75 (Those are the only ones I've tried) then after around 10-15 minutes of downloading I get the blue screen of death. Windows says that it's because of somekind of driver conflict. Does anyone know what driver this is, or does anyone know if Bitcomet uses or initialises any other drivers when it's turned on?

Moved - For general help, not a bug report.

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Like Shroud said, v0.70 is the most stable version right now

Now, You need to figure out what exactly is causing the conflict.

So, you need to turn off auto-restart so that you can read the BSOD

Follow these directions

If you need help reading the BSOD then Here is a good guide.

After you've written down what's causing the problem push the power button on your computer to turn it off

Turn it back on and now you can either update or uninstall whatever the problem is

Please tell us what was causing the problem for our reference.

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hello i am having the same problem as the original poster. i forgot forgot what version i am using, most likely the most recent though.

i get the the

DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error at location a5agu.sys

sorry i don't have the stop error code, if that's required i can crash my system and get it.

kind of ironic to have to crash something to fix it. :D


*I am going to try version 0.70 and see if that fixes any problems.*

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