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No seed torrent


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Hi. I'm downloading Tokyo Drift 2 fast 2 furious 3 and Borat Movie. The torrent download at isohunt and it seems there are many seeders and leecher. however, both the downloads go up to 99% something, and then stop, there is no more download. There is also no seeders. It only upload now. I'm behind firewall and i only got local connection (However it works fine with other torrent). What is likely the problem? Is it because no seeders? Can i still download from the leechers?

Btw, the movie is in zip file and avi file. So is there anyway i can skip the download (since it got 99%) and still watch the movie (may i lose some quality or durations of the movie?)

I really appreciate any support


yours sincerely,

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It is possible to take parts of the file from leechers, but obviously only if they have the parts you haven't.

Being behind a firewall will not be a problem as you would have already asked the firewall to let the BitComet program run. If there are no seeders then you will have to be patient until one comes back, or you could put a request on the site you got the torrent from. You could always try a manual connect, right click on the running torrent and then click on manual connect.

Doing a manual connect sometimes kicks it up a bit.

There probably isn't a way you can watch it without being 100% because it is not complete. You may be able to watch some bits, but this depends on how the file has been split.

This is the problem with torrents though, you can't be a I want it now sort of person, you just have to have patience.

You might want to check what the other peers files are at too, if they are all at 99% then either the file is dodgy or you're going to have to wait. :)

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hi. thx for your support

i already check, and most of leech are at same % like me, there is no higher. What does it mean? The file is not good? It's quite feed up if i have to download again, and i think this torrent is quite good.

How can i find the forum that the torrent belong to? In the comment it say torrentportal.com, is it?

BTW, what is the torrent tracker, and what the most popular torrent client nowaday? Bitcomet or uTorrent?

thx for yousr suport

yours sincerely,

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You can use the free VLC player from videolan.org to watch even incomplete video downloads, with the quality getting worse depending on just how incomplete it actually is.

But be prepared for disappointment. Recent popular movies are often the subject of poisoned, or spoiler torrents which were never intended to complete, but only to make you waste your time. You may have gotten one of those. So when you do watch the partial torrent, it may not be what it claimed to be.

Reading the comments of others is your best method of avoiding these. Your client will show you the name of the tracker. Most trackers have an associated index web site which actually lists and describes which torrents they are tracking, and where people upload torrents for that tracker. The index site usually has a comment section for each torrent, or a forum for comments about them. This is where you should look for indications that there is something wrong with the torrent.

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