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All of my torrents crash down to SLOOOW speeds


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First, I am behind a D-link DI-624 router. All of my ports are forwarded...I've tried many random ports

All of my downloads used to work perfectly. Usually got speeds above 30 kb/s all the time. For some reason, all of my downloads have crashed down to 0-10 kb/s. I am not connecting to many peers, and I have no idea what is going on. I am using Bitcomet .70...so why is this happening?

If all my torrents have worked fine, I do not understand why these are so low. There is not even a consistent download speed anymore, It now stays down at 0 kb/s...if I'm lucky it can go up to 10 or 20 for a few seconds. It's interesting that I noticed my download rise up to 80 kb/s once...and then it totaly crashed down and never rose again..so why is this happening?

Firewall is off...Ports forwarded...

I love bitcomet, I really don't want to switch clients, but some people say that this is a problem with bitcomet?

Actually, as I torrent now..DL speed jumped to 40. However it takes about 30 minutes for the torrent too get fast...and It doesn't look like I'm connecting to too many peers, what is the normal amount for a good download?

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Look at the Peers tab and note the kinds of initiations you're getting. If they are all local or NAT, with no remotes, then you haven't done your port-forwarding correctly -- usually, by neglecting to set a static LAN IP for your computer.

There is no normal speed for a download, it's sensitively dependent on the composition of the swarm which is never the same twice and changes from moment to moment.

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