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Uploading of data ! why ??


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Hi can any one help me please, i am very new to this way of downloading and i would like to know why so much data is being downloaded from my PC (KB/s Up) is this safe !! what data is being downloaded from my PC and who is taking it ??

I hope someone can explain and put my mind to rest.


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Bittorrent is quite unlike any other method of file downloading you have ever used.

A bittorrent file is shared. It gets cut into many small pieces, and when you get a piece, you are expected/required to upload that piece to others. The various members of the swarm trade pieces with each other. If you aren't uploading, you don't have anything to trade, so most of them won't give you anything either, and your downloads will be very, very slow.

This removes the burden of doing all the uploading from the seeders, and spreads it out over the whole swarm. That's the whole point, the reason for existence, for bittorrent. Ordinary people with ordinary connections can usefully share files without needing a large and expensive upstream internet connection.

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