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Cant open file....help!!

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Can someone tell me what this means.....it saids to check preference ....but what do i do

I this error when trying to download....

"torrent could not be opened, because the associated helper application does not exist. Change the association in your preferences."

I dont understand what it means.....I have the latest version of BitComent..0.77

Someone please help.... :(

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Please ask your question only once. Your other post on this topic has been deleted. One is sufficient, more just wastes space and our time getting rid of them.


This is not a bittorrent problem at all. This is a windows problem.

Windows is saying, "I don't know what to do with files having this filetype (.torrent) because you have not defined an application that I'm supposed to use to open files of that type."

This process is called "associating". Some file types windows already knows about. It knows that it's supposed to open files with the extension ".txt" in notepad, for example. You can change any association to suit yourself. Windows will natively assume that you want to open all files of type ".htm" and ".html" with MSIE, but when you install FireFox you have the option to change that association, so those files are opened with FireFox instead.

File associations are pretty important, and they can make your life h*** when different applications try to grab different associations in competition with each other. You may have WinAmp installed to handle .wav and .mp3 files, but when you upgrade Windows Media Player, it grabs them for itself if you're not watching what you do when you install the upgrade. Now they all open in WMP instead of WinAmp.

So this is important. Rather than give you steps on how to change this, you need to look for Windows Help on the subject, and learn how to do it yourself. It WILL plague you forever if you do not understand it.

For torrent files, there's an option in your BitComet preferences to make this association. You should select that option. The settings guide, which you should have read (go do that now) talks about this point in the relevant portion of the guide.

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