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I downloaded a file and it finished. It hash checked and everything. Afterwards I just removed the torrent and the downloaded files are gone. I've looked where the download directory is and its not there nor is it in the main bitcomet folder or any of the other folders. I did a full computer scan using my computer--> search. Nothing comes up. The file still takes up space but I can't locate it. Anyone have any ideas besides I deleted the downloaded files? Originally I had about 6 gigs. Now I only have 1 gigs and can't locate the finished files.(PS I'm sure I didn't delete those files).

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Did you change where this particular file was going to be downloaded to?

Otherwise it should be in your default download folder


C:\Program Files\Bitcomet\Downloads

Now, in Bitcomet's preferences under Task,

do you have "Allocate disk space before downloading" checked?

Only 1 gig left on your HDD?!?

you better clean things up soon, otherwise you will run into problems

PS: just came across another thread which may help you

read -> http://forums.bitcomet.com/index.php?showtopic=4995

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