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hey everyone :huh: , ive had bitcommet for a while now ive been downloading stuff and such, mostly games. umm today i downloaded Age Of Empires 3 and everything downloaded without a hitch, but now i dont know what to do with it... theres 3 folders each marked CD 1, then CD 2, then CD 3... In each folder theres a bunch of WinRAR archives and R30 - R45 files... i have no idea what these mean i think you have to mount them or something but im not sure, ive used alcohol 120 in the past but my trial periods expired, so what do i do now?

>IF SOMEONE COULD GET BACK TO ME AND HELP ME WITH THIS PROBLEM THAT WOULD BE GREAT < i know your all probally busy and i dont want to waste your time but i would really like help with this.

Regards: Charlie.

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Inside the CD1 folder are the contents of CD1, which have been placed in an archive and split into multiple parts. You need to extract those contents from the archive. Use the freeware program 7-Zip to extract them, right in place. Once you've done that, you can delete all of the archive files because you don't need them anymore.

Do the same for all the other folders that contain archives.

What you'll now have could be several different things, but it's probably going to be disk images. You'll need to either burn those images to CD's, or mount them on virtual drives using Alcohol 120% or Daemon Tools. Look for the usual .nfo file for any special instructions.

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