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I have a green arrow beside a file name in my download queue but it isn't downloading. Why


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Any Idea why? This hasn't happened to me before.

If the file wasn't available for download I would assume the icon would change to a red or orange circle, instead it looks like it should be downloading but isn't.

I don't generally understand a lot of the info given on the download screen except the obvious ones (the file is stuck at 47.3%). Here is the rest of what comes up:


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You are downloading very slowly, because Bitcomet does not show info on DL rate which is below 0kb/s. In other words, your speed is in bytes.

The reason you're downloading at snail speed is because, you have only one peer. I'm not a pro at bittorrent but it is clear that you only have a good speed when there are alot of peers. I believe that if you try on other torrents with a larger number of peers, the result would better. Now you can't do anything else but wait until other seeds join to share this file.

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It appears there are no seeds, so you should look in the Peers tab and see where everyone else is stuck at.

Maybe someone is superseeding this torrent which means they only show up as a peer not a seed

If this is the case you should stop the torrent for like a day or two

then restart it and see if it starts downloading again.

If its still stuck after a day or two then you should abandon it.

With that many leechers I doubt that this is a dead torrent, it just takes a while if its a new torrent and is being superseeded or the only seeder comes and goes.

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