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Too much of not what I want :(


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Okay...Right now I am uploading at 70 Kb/s and downloading at 9 Kb/s. Obviously this is great for people OTHER THAN myself. I have followed all the guides and whatnot and still haven't been able to make anything better for my download speeds. My uploads continually far exceed my downloads leading to ratios of at least 3-5 every single time for every single file.

Please Please Please tell me somebody has some kind of magical cure for this download ailment!!! :(

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Go to settings and limit you upload speed to something like 20 or lower ...

As for your download speed I'm guessing it all depends on the tracker you're downloading from.

No, he should set it to around 80% of what his connection can handle.

And no, his speeds do not depend on the tracker.

Most likely the problem is either

what kluelos said about the remote peers (i.e. not portforwarded properly)


the torrents he is downloading arent very well seeded.

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