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UI bug

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It's not a serious bug, just i think it is worth to mention it.

If i right click on a torrent, then properties, advanced tab, then i resize the window, the up/down buttons stay in place:


This is why i resized the window - if the language is changed to hungarian, this looks like this (i can't see the label, and i thought there are more options there):


After resizing, i still can't see it, only the size of the editbox changed:


And btw, the order of languages in menu Options/Language is not alphabetic ( it took me some tome to change back english to hungarian).

Sorry for my bad english :rolleyes:


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They are not bugs.

I tried BitComet just now. But I did't find the first problem you discripted. When you reaize the window, it needs some time for your PC to give response. So you found this problem. You can have a try with another PC.

For your problem 2 and 3,there has something to do with the translation. There is no option below.

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1.maybe this is a bug from previous versions. try to make clean install of 0.70 version.

2,3 The translation is made by other people not BC developers. They didn't think of it that the translation should be long as much as is the original english message. This is wide spread problem.

If you want you can fix this by:

going to your program folder: "c:\program files\bitcomet\" open "lang" folder, there open "lang_hu_hu.xml" using notepad make sure to not checked the options to always open *.xml files with notepad.

scroll down to:

<UploadRateMax>A maximálisan engedélyezhető feltöltési arány:</UploadRateMax>

and edit the message according to your language to make it shorter and to fit on one line:

for example i supposed that maximálisan can be change to: max and still be understandable right?

after that save the file and restart bitcomet

you can edit every message from your translation there.


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