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auto resume not working since 0.70


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When I was using 0.70, and in preferences: tasks was set to auto resume, they were auto resuming every time I reboot my computer. But in all newer versions that I upgraded to (0.71 up to 0.77), auto resume stopped working. The version I'm using now, 0.77, will auto resume tasks at startup, only if bitcomet was closed before I shut down the computer. If I forget to close it first, it will not auto resume at the next startup.

What is the current latest stable version of bitcomet? is it still 0.70?

Now that we have 0.79, I noticed the website says 'Latest Offical Release' (btw, there is a typo: missing 'i' in the word 'Official') does that mean 0.79 is the latest stable release, replacing 0.70?

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No, it doesn't. Stable releases are called that. The typo's been there forever. And yes, it could stand some changes including always making the last stable release most prominent. I don't really know that there's such a thing as an "unofficial" release, though.

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