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It's useful to separate you from $24.95.

Connects you to more seeds? Understand that this is a mutual decision, not one that you can make on your own or influence. The seeder has to also agree to connect to you, and if it's full up, or has already given you your fair share, it's not going to connect to you no matter what you do.

Understand secondly that all clients, while seeding, utterly resist being "captured" and monopolized by any one leecher, and will not under any circumstances give multiple pieces sequentially to just one. If you are in a swarm with one seeder and you as the only leecher, that seed will not give you a fast download. It will give you a piece, then it will wait, wait, wait looking for anyone else to give a piece to, and if there is no one else, it will continue to wait, wait, wait. That will be the slowest download you've ever experienced. This is how the seeding algorithm was designed to work. Bittorrent is lousy for one-to-one file transfers, but we didn't need it for that. There were already a lot of other, better methods if you want to do that.

Next you might profitably watch the details of a torrent your client is downloading. You will note, with time, that nearly all of the pieces you get come from other leechers, and not from seeders. Bittorrent expects and enforces sharing -- that's what it was designed and created to do. So connecting to a lot of seeders is not going to give you the fastest possible download. Bittorrent clients manage their network connections optimally already. Interfering with the process, manually or programatically, results in a slower speed, not a faster one.

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